About us

Commopedia is a 'open skills' initiative which we hope will ignite much collaboration. It has been organised in several workgroups each contributing to enrich this site and the associated methodology.

Commopedia is very factual about processes adopted in the trading chain and the data they consume. It acts as an index, giving a summary explanation on each topic and pointing further to the sources where all this information is originally generated or maintained: exchanges, news agencies, regulatory bodies, professional organizations.

Its main achievement so far is a comprehensive master data repository on all commodities listed contracts, tying them back to the effective delivery each contract covers. Tracing the entire chain in a consistent manner bridges the 'reference' gap, often experienced in this market, between physical and paper trading. This market needs standardisation of instrument definitions and making sure that those cover the entire operational chain. It will benefit data interchange, allow alignment of the many regulatory requirements and give a globally understood and robust data infrastructure to the multiple initiatives such as blockchains and data science.

What we don’t offer are news and market quotes provided already by highly professional media. You'll not find either statistics or assessments on markets and future trends.

The initiative is young, thus this site will evolve. The initiative is open, which is an invitation for you to participate. Assignement and contact person for each workgroup are detailed below. We all have a passion for Commodities. This is rooted in curiosity as suggested by the French poet Charles BAUDELAIRE:

Pour l'enfant, amoureux de cartes et d'estampes,
L'univers est égal à son vaste appétit.

But Commodities trading is a factual business, such as proposed further in the poem:

Mais les vrais voyageurs sont ceux-là seuls qui partent
Pour partir, coeurs légers, semblables aux ballons,
De leur fatalité jamais ils ne s'écartent,
Et, sans savoir pourquoi, disent toujours : Allons !

We invite all of you to join us in this trip. Feel free to ask, comment or suggest.


The main deliverable of the Commopedia initiative for now is this site. It should be used as a gateway to understand Commodities trading. It is very rich in terms of data content, mapping of data between various sources and explanation of processes. It can be consulted for free. Should one want to download some of its content it comes at a cost.What it offers so far:

  • A short explanation on the underlying markets
  • A comprehensive and up to date set of master data
  • More insight into the products traded
  • Explanation on processes involved in trading, trade execution and operations
  • A glossary of terms and usefull adresses

Site plan